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emails that win hearts 


I'm Jam, a circus poet and esthetician turned email copywriter.  Clients come to me when they need a mighty boost in list engagement. 


Engagement correlates with  trust and . . .

. . . people buy from people they trust.


We harness the power of nurturing campaigns that increase conversions and win loyal customers for life.


If you've got a queer, witchy, or otherwise awesome audience and want make it into the VIP section of their hearts, mosey on over to my inbox:


As the sole owner of a small niche business who creates 100% of the brand's content and catalog, I wasn't sure how difficult it would be to have meaningful and insightful conversations about my company's development with someone outside of Genuine Valentine. Not because I didn't think anyone was capable, but because the entirety of the brand's ideology is completely in my head. Jam made me feel completely at ease immediately, not only through their evident preparation and familiarity with my work, but also through their responsiveness and handling of our conversations.

Even as I struggled to articulate the particulars of my goals and voice, Jam navigated my responses in a productive and comforting way, allowing us to build rapport, trust, and facilitate me feeling heard. The content was delivered quickly, and was very clearly created with care; I was impressed equally by the thoroughness and the creativity. In fact, I was blown away by the scope, by how it all aligned with the messaging of my company, and how it will undoubtedly appeal to my specific audience. 

This process felt professional and personal, exceeding my expectations at every step. Could not recommend Jam more!


-Jamie, Genuine Valentine

A voice for Trans

Lifestyle and wellness

Email marketing for a sexier, safer, and queerer world.

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