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Your customer's inbox is a dumpster fire.

 Does your customer want to stab their eyes out every time they look at their inbox? And how can you stand out from the cacophony of schmucky discount codes and one-time offers?


Humorous, heartfelt messaging.


Stories, recipes, lifestyle tips, hell - GIFs and memes even - whatever it is that best indicates that you get them, and you care. 


I'm the alternative lifestyle nerd who incites pearl clutchery and brand loyalty.  Let's get your readers clambering to their inboxes with the power of direct response copywriting. 

I write for queers:

trans wellness, skincare, sexual health, mental health, field manuals for surviving the holidays, and where to put that hard earned cash and why. 


The last thing any business owner wants is for readers to lose trust in their brand.  I'm here to help the heart of your message shine through and win over your customers for life.

Next step:

Schedule a strategy session 


It me.

Jamila Thomson

they/them pronouns

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