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Sample: Vulnerability Hangover

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Below is an email targeted at performance artists, as part of a nurturing sequence for an energy healer.

One of the most vulnerable places you can be is on stage.  It’s funny (kind of) how folks think that performers are these armadillo skinned extroverts who thrive on attention and being caught on “film.”

Most of us I dare say are introverted emotional masochists, drawn to the stage for its terrifying learning curve and what it teaches us about ourselves.  Performance art is like realizing you’re not wearing any pants while having a therapy session in front of a group of people who are eating popcorn and laughing.

Sometimes these experiences of merciless exposure are empowering; other times, they can be crushing.  

As a shadow worker and crystal healer my job is to evaluate the dynamics of a person’s subtle bodies (aka auras, chakras, and sticky ickies) and balance that shit out.  Often a person’s sense of having the right to exist, express, and enjoy themself has been weakened, and thus the harsh realities of this world strike them with excessive severity.

One’s ability to celebrate themself, to allow themself to be seen, heard, and to make mistakes, is all too often paralyzed by a fear of being less than perfect.  This too can be treated with energy work.

There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than empowering folks to be bold, delighted, and unapologetic in their corporeal forms.  If you think you’d benefit from a healing session or better yet, from taking a class, email me and we can book a consultation.  

May this incarnation shower you with sweetness and grace, or hot sex with the Dark Lord, as you will.

Merry meet again,


art credit: eBay

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