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  • Jamila Thomson (they/them)

Sample: Seasonal batchery and diabolical plans

Below is an email I wrote as part of a nurturing sequence for a queer, witchy body care line.

Sit with me for a spell.  Let your mind slip into this missive like fresh butter melting into a hot libation.

Glimmering dew drops hover in the air, some they blink, some they stare.

You step softly for you know this to be a sacred, perhaps dangerous place.

To the left of you shine whispering piles of talismans and gems [button].  Pendulums, runes, and amulets coil like sleeping snakes in a treasure chest.

To the right of you stand bottles of potions [button] whose inscriptions flicker in the candle light.  Indeed as you take a closer look, they seem to shift and disappear, dancing on the shelves.

A chuckle comes from the shadows, and a bejeweled hand reaches toward you.  You’re overcome with the desire to place a petal soft kiss upon these fingertips as the scent of earth and blossoms waft from the darkness.

Palm to palm you’re led to a hidden sanctum, passing through layers of veils and bellsong.  The cloaked figure removes their hood, and smiles at you with shimmering eyes.

This is more than a boutique.  This is an atelier.


(Company name) started as a passion for small batch wellness potions.  However, as I followed the plant and mineral spirits down their winding paths, I was bestowed with a much greater boone: the gift and responsibility of teaching.

While performing crystal healing and shadow work is mighty fulfilling, I especially love when clients become students.  Basically I have a diabolical plan to raise an army of wizards who’ll unleash waves of shadow healing upon our planet.

If you’d like to partake in my crystal therapy services and classes, gambol on over to my online covenstead [button].

Merry meet again,


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