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The One Email Everybody Reads

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Everybody opens their order confirmation email. Why look just like your competition's lame ass receipt when you could cultivate brand loyalty with a personalized message? Below is an example of how a confirmation message can give your customer a dopamine boost and leave a lasting impression.

Subject: Man you're killing it today!

Preview: Here's your subscription confirmation number; now let's flip some desks! In a happy way.

Hi Anne,

“You get a maraca, and you get a maraca, and you get a maraca TOO!” I’m passing them out like Halloween candy to a team of hair thrashing, sparkler twirling, desk flipping business coaches.

You could say we’re pretty excited to have you onboard.

How could we possibly reign it in when we know what’s in store for you?

You now have access to trainings from the biggest and baddest leaders in our industry, as well as a thriving community of direct response marketers. You’ll be invited to jump in on business development challenges, and get feedback from seasoned professionals.

Maracas. Sparklers. Flipped desks. All because we know that you’re about to launch your skill set through the stratosphere and completely rock the Be-your-own-boss & Work-in-your-pajamas lifestyle.

Keep doing that thing you do,


Ps. If you love the feeling of rubbing real life paper between your real life phalanges, you’ll want to check out our hardcopy newsletter, Creating & Crafting at Home (CCAH, pronounced “cah-CAW!” for short.)

Inside you’ll find editorials by top notch consultants, a questionably appropriate comic strip, an advice column by [name changed] and more.

CCAH will be offered to the rest of the world at $99/month, but we’d like to offer you a new member discount. Click here [button] within the next 30 days and you’ll enjoy cah-CAW! at a beastly savings of 50% off . . . for life.

Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your journey. We’re looking forward to cheering you on every step along the way.

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